About Us

The Missouri Autism Report Magazine (MAR), is a publication for individuals, parents, caregivers, families, educators and other professionals, who are part of the autism community. With it’s foundation in Missouri, the reach of the MAR is quickly embracing the autism community around the world.

Our goal is to provide educational information and resources to a growing autism community. Autism is at epidemic proportions, with one in every 68 children now being diagnosed with some form of this neuro-behavioral disorder. If a cure is not found, every family will someday, be touched by autism, and we are working daily to provide the resources, contacts, and information needed, to navigate the world of autism.

The Missouri Autism Report Magazine, which began as an on-line events list, grew to a full-color, monthly magazine, and is now becoming an online resource, reaching thousands of families each month. Our first seven years of publications, can be found here, in our archives. As we move to take the magazine online, we will be providing a calendar of events, urgent and timeless content, and more. Stay tuned and grow with us, as we become the Missouri Autism Report ONLINE!


The MAR is a community-based educational organization, designed to partner with individuals, organizations and agencies within the general population, as well as faith-based and health-related resources, with a focus on educating, coordinating activities and making current autism news and events available to persons in need of information concerning autism. These educational purposes are accomplished through the following methods:

  • Connect and inform agencies, organizations, educators, families and patients with autism and other interested parties, through the publication of a statewide monthly periodical and other related materials.
  • Foster goodwill and partnerships between concerned agencies, organizations and individuals to enhance education, training and understanding of autism.
  • Partner with other businesses and organizations to provide enriching and educational outlets that further education and awareness throughout the autism community.