About Us

The Missouri Autism Report and beyond Magazine (MAR), is a monthly publication for individuals, parents, caregivers, families, educators and other professionals, who are part of the global autism community. With it’s foundation in Missouri, the reach of the MAR is quickly embracing the autism community around the world.  

Our goal is to provide education, information and resources to a growing autism community. Autism is at epidemic proportions, with one in every 68 children now being diagnosed with some form of this neuro-behavioral disorder. A devastating number of families is touched by autism, and we are working daily to provide the resources, contacts, therapies and information  they need, to navigate the world of autism.

The Missouri Autism Report and beyond Magazine, which began as an on-line events list, has grown to a full-color, monthly magazine which reaches thousands of families each month. In an effort to keep the magazine available as a free publication, we publish on-line and deliver approximately 2000 each month, via volunteer delivery. Subscriptions are available through our website.